1915 Indian Big Twin


The 1915 Indian Big Twin heralded the end of an era, as it was the last Indian motorcycle to carry the Hedstrom F-Head engine within a cradle-spring frame design. Accordingly, some purists regard this model as the last “real” Indian to emanate from the legendary Springfield, Massachusetts factory.

Handsomely finished with a dark red exterior and complemented by gold lettering, white tires, a tool box and a luggage rack that was only offered during 1914 and 1915, the Big Twin would be considered “fully optioned” today. In addition to its three-speed manual transmission, a first at the time, it features a more user-friendly kick-starting mechanism that replaced the previous pedal crank system. The list of advancements also included a heavy-duty clutch, full gas lighting and a gear-driven speedometer.
While some 21,000 Big Twins were originally constructed, very few remain today.

  • 15 hp, 61 cu. in. (1,000 cc) V-twin engine.
  • Wheelbase: 59″

mc-730x-ft_1915_Indian mc-730x-eng_1915_Indian mc730-rear-1915_Indian

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