Yamaha 03GEN Concept Refined Dynamism Design


Yamaha Motor Co. announced that it has built two design concept models based on the twin front wheels Leaning Multi Wheel TRICITY – 03GEN-f and 03GEN-x. Out of which, the 03GEN-f will be exhibited at the 36th Bangkok International Motor Show from March 23.

The 03GEN-f was designed with the underlying theme “Future Racing”, and it visually expresses both the futuristic feel – which is expressed by emphasizing the Leaning Multi Wheel mechanism – and Yamaha’s racing image. The 03GEN-x, on the other hand, with “Cross” as its underlying design theme, combines both an advanced-looking frame that exposes the three wheels and the traditional off-road design that is reminiscent of the days of unpaved roads. While being based on TRICITY, the two concept models exemplifies the design possibilities of the Leaning Multi Wheel by offering a sharp contrast to the production model through various design factors including CMF (color, material, finish).

Yamaha Motor, which has positioned design as a central pillar of product creation from its founding, established Refined Dynamism as its design philosophy in 2013, and are putting energy into developing products that realize the unique style of Yamaha. Based on this philosophy, the company announced its GEN concepts 01GEN (a large crossover motorcycle with a twin front wheels layout) and 02GEN (an electrically power assisted wheelchair) on October 2014 and November 2014 respectively. The 03GEN is therefore the third expression of the GEN concept.

Yamaha Motor will continue to exhibit and propose its GEN design concept in the future.

 03GEN-f – Based on the design theme of “Future racing,” 03GEN-f visualizes futuristic feeling of LMW structure and the racing feel that YAMAHA has been creating since its foundation. It is an advanced concept model that has low/wide front view and slim/sharp rear view.As for coloring, we used white that gives futuristic feel and Yamaha racing blue as an element.
03GEN-x – 03GEN-x has been created based on the design theme of “Cross,” meaning to cross authentic “Scrambler” *with the newly developed three-wheeled structure. While showing its structure as a core value of three-wheeled mobility, we achieved to add sense of authenticity to it. *The time when there was no distinction between road and off-road, we called motorcycles that go both paved/unpaved road and even rough ground “Scrambler.”

yamaha-03gen-x yamaha-03gen-x-2 yamaha_03gen-f_et_03gen-x




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