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While riding a motorcycle is a lot of fun, it also involves a lot of responsibilities. What most people don’t realize is that riding a motorcycle is not just hoping for it. A big part of a biker’s life is caring and caring for certain parts that work a lot. One such component is your bike’s chain.

Your motorcycle chain goes a long way. This is the real powerhouse of the motorcycle, and one simple problem with the chain is that it can block communication between the engine and the rear wheel.

Communication doesn’t mean power, and power doesn’t mean you are not going anywhere. It is an inevitable event that you are replacing the chain on your motorcycle.

Types of Motorcycle Chain

1. Non-Sealed Motorcycle chain

The most basic type of motorcycle chain is a non-sealed motorcycle chain and is usually found on older motorcycles. This chain of the motorcycle is both reliable and cheap.

You can reach point A to point B with this motorcycle chain without much hassle, but it has one downside which is that a non-sealed motorcycle chain is not maintenance-free. You have to clean, adjust and lubricate this chain from time to time.

2. O-Ring motorcycle chain

The advent of high-speed bikes makes a way for these high-performance motorcycle chains. This O-ring chain consists of small O-rings that are present at every link of the chain. This chain must work properly because the pins between the plates are lubricated with grease. This also prevents the chain link from grit and dirt.

If you are wondering where the grease is coming from? Then the answer is it comes pre-applied from the factory, which means that O-ring chains do not much need to be maintained.

No doubt, O-ring chains are still littered with debris and dirt. This is because bikes with O-ring chains will need to be inspected and cleaned every month at least once.

3. X-Ring Motorcycle Chain

There is a kink in the armor of the O-ring chain which is not good for a racetrack. Because of it the large surface area of the O-ring chain, at high speed, always creates a lot of drag which directly affects your lap times.

The X-ring chain has X-shaped rings that solve this problem by decreasing the surface area between the links of the chain. This also reduces drag even if you are traveling at superbike speed. Moreover, X-ring chains also have pre-applied grease from the factory to lubricate each and every link.

We have selected the best motorcycle chains which are also best sellers at Amazon. Amazon has to offer you to choose from one of them.

Top 5 Motorcycle Chains

1. D.I.D 520 VX3 – Best X-Ring chain

D.I.D 520 VX3 - Best X-Ring chainProduct Details

  • Size: 120 links
  • Best used for: Vehicle specific
  • Color: Gold
  • Weight: 4.22 pounds
  • Cover included: Chain and clip type connecting link

Check D.I.D 520 VX3 on Amazon

It is an upgraded form of DID 520 VX2 chain. DID 520 VX3 chain is used in a wide range of street, and off-road motorbikes which are up to 800cc, and in ATVs.

To increase the rigidity of the chain there is a new “Direct Energy Transfer” which gives you amazing throttle response through the D.I.D state-of-the-art technology.

Seal performance has improved due to increased retention and durability of the X-ring.

Weight (kgs/100links) = 3.35 pounds and Average tensile strength is equal to 8,210 pounds.

It also contains a clip-style master link.

2. JT HDR Heavy Duty Chain – Best heavy-duty drive chain, black steel

JT HDR Heavy Duty Chain - Best heavy-duty drive chain, black steel

Product Details

  • Size: 132 links
  • Best used for: Vehicle Specific
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 2.94 pounds
  • Cover included: SL- Clip- Type Connecting links

Check JT HDR Heavy Duty Chain on Amazon

The JT HDR heavy-duty chain of motorcycles is designed for off-road racing and provides high-level performance at minimum weight.

It is manufactured by using leading-edge technology with an advanced grade of special steel alloy.

The specifications of the JT HDR heavy-duty chains meet the requirements of all streets, modern motorcycles, off-road, enduro, MX, and ATV.

To achieve maximum performance you should use JT Sprockets.

The roller diameter is equal to 8.5 millimeters, the pin length is equal to 18.3 millimeters, the Plate thickness inner is equal to 2 millimeters, Plate thickness outer is equal to 2 millimeters.

The chain’s weight per 100 links is 2.14 pounds and the Average Tensile Strength is 5,512 pounds.

3. RK Racing Chain 530XSOZ1 – Best X-Ring chain
RK Racing Chain 530XSOZ1 - Best X-Ring chain

Product Details

    • Size: 110 links
    • Best used for: Vehicle specific
    • Color: Black
    • Weight: 5 pounds
    • Product Dimensions: 11.6 x 4.7 x 1.2 inches


Check RK Racing Chain 530XSOZ1 on Amazon

The tensile strength of the chain is equal to 9500 pounds per foot.

The RK Racing chains are suitable for street, dirt, and Harley racing.

Its package weight is 4.65 pounds. Its package dimension is 26.416 L x 2.794 H x 12.192 W (centimeters)

4. RK Racing Chain GB530GXW – Ultra-high performance Sports and Road race chain

RK Racing Chain GB530GXW - Ultra-high performance Sports and Road race chainProduct Details

  • Size: 160 links
  • Best used for: Vehicle Specific
  • Color: Gold
  • Weight: 7.25 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 12.2 x 5.7 x 1.2 inches


Check RK Racing Chain GB530GXW on Amazon

These RK Racing chains with gold finishing include rivet connecting links.

This XW-ring chain provides the best high speed to motorbikes.

This chain can be used on street bikes which are up to 1400cc and on dirt bikes of up to 900cc.

Its package weight is 3.288 kilograms.

5. D.I.D 520DZ – Best motorcycle chain
D.I.D 520DZ - Best motorcycle chainProduct Details

  • Size: 120 links
  • Best used for: Vehicle specific
  • Color: Gold
  • Weight: 3.8 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 11 x 1 x 4.5 inches

Check D.I.D 520DZ on Amazon

This DID chain is best for off-road riding- with the great value of a lightweight 520 chain.

These DID chains can be used for ATVs and Motorcycles which are up to 450cc.

The color of the outer plates of the chain is gold and for inner links are black.

The 520DZ chain has 2 times longer lifespan than the standard 520 chains under similar conditions.

The tensile strength of the chain is 7,870 pounds.

DID 520DZ chain also includes a clip-style master connecting link.

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